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The Month-long Annual Service

Sorry for the click-bait title. My car is finally back. It had been gone for just over 5 weeks.

The actual annual service is supposed to take less than a day, but if you’ve read my thermostat article I mentioned that my exhaust headers’ ceramic thermal barrier coating was peeling in several visible locations.


So I used this service as an opportunity to remove and repair the headers under Fabspeed’s warranty. Removal requires opening oil cooler lines, so it’s beneficial to do it when the car is drained of its oil.

Shipping from CA to PA took 5 days. Once Fabspeed received it, they carted it over to the industrial coating shop. The shop would need to blast off the old coating on the outside and inside each primary tube (a process that took them 4-5 days...I’m guessing the “warranty coverage” meant I was pretty low on their priority list), then re-coat everything. On top of that, the holidays and people at the shop getting sick caused the loss of 3-4 more days.

Then the finished headers had to be returned to Fabspeed for inspection, then hopped on a 3-day return trip to CA (paid out-of-pocket...mechanic and I split the shipping upgrade cost).

So that took 4 of the 5 weeks. But I have my car back and that’s all that matters.......probably.


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