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The 10 Best Automotive Christmas Commercials Ever Made

Okay so obviously this first clip isn't a commercial but I'm a big fan of Key & Peele so I had to include it.

The holiday advertising blitz we experience here in America is unlike anything else in the world and for the most part it's pretty awful. However there are some holiday commercials that are great and many of them happen to be of the automotive variety.


What you'll find on this list are commercials that are funny*, contain exceptional exhaust audio and are just downright fun to revisit.

So without further brain droppings and in no particular order, here are the greatest automotive Christmas commercials of all time.

*may not be funny to everyone as humans have a varied sense of humor. All Meerkats find the commercials hilarious.

1.) "Jolly Ogre"

2.) "A Very AMG Christmas"

3.) "Priceless"

4.) "HESS Racers"

5.) "Santa?"

6.) "Gordon"

7.) "Bette"

8.) "Supercheap"

9.) "The Fastest Christmas Card"

10.) "Koons"

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