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One man’s junk is another’s treasure.


Every once in a while, I open a new tab and go to Craigslist. I’m not looking for anything in particular. I’m usually just killing time between deleting emails, blogging, and looking for gigs. But when I’m on Craigslist, I like to challenge myself with a little game: What’s the coolest thing I can find for $100?

The rules of the $100 Dollar Game are pretty simple. You just search for anything and everything in your area listed on Craigslist priced $100 or below. It often helps to filter results based on images, and I usually sort by “Owner” instead of “Dealer” to get more relevant results. Lastly, I set the minimum price to $50 because I hate it when you find something listed for $0, only to find out that the posting is asking for a lot more than $100. You could even narrow down your results further by focusing on your area of interest

Because I live in Silicon Valley, I usually find some pretty interesting things. The quality of junk here is a lot better than most places:

A pair of 1:18 Scale Audi R10 Race Cars!
A Sony DSLR kit for $80! This is a great starter kit if you’re just getting into photography!
I’m a sucker for Lego, but I still wouldn’t pay $100 for a kit.
A Saturn Die-Cast 1:18 Scale Model? They made those?
A Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance Dash Plaque!?

This is just a small amount of the interesting things I’ve found. There’s at least 15 more pages of this stuff on Craigslist, but It’ll take me all day to sort through and post everything here.

So, what kind of cool things can you find on Craigslist for under $100?

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