The engine rebuild all went very smoothly on the 117 Coupe and she’s back in business!

I had a couple small issues after I got her running again, but nothing too serious. The number 1 injector was leaking. Turns out the 40 year old injector seal didn’t like all the jostling around the intake did while it was being removed and installed. I popped new seals on all the injectors and that solved that problem!

There was also a small oil leak where I removed a stud on the head. The original head was cracked, so I got another head from a Luv pickup and aside from a few different studs, it was identical. One of the studs I removed though went all the through and I didn’t plug that up. Everytime I revved the engine, oil came spraying out. A bolt to fill the hole solved that problem!


Finally, I had a small coolant leak from the thermostat housing, but re-torquing the bolts fixed that up right as rain too!


I have about 70 km on the engine now and she’s still running great. Going to do the first oil change at about 100 km and take a look to see what the oil looks like. I did have one small electrical gremlin earlier today, but I haven’t been able to replicate it since. Of course, that’s probably something that’s a result of it just being a 40 year old car as opposed to my rebuild.

At any rate, I’m happy to have my car back!