You get 12 cars. The goal is not to make the most expensive garage or the most obscure or exotic garage. The goals is to create a 12-car garage that perfectly describes you and who you are as a person and as an enthusiast.

But, as with Hercules and the Twelve Trials, there’s a catch- artistic freedom is an illusion. To all things there must be imbued a purpose. A such, each bay of your 12-car garage has a sign above it, describing the role of whatever vehicle fits in that bay. All of us my abide by these same roles and labels, though unique interpretation may be taken in regards to how a vehicle may fit that role. Each bay is custom-fit for the vehicle that will be placed into it, but only one vehicle is allowed in each bay. Each vehicle is paid for, including mods and maintenance, for the entirety of your life. In exchange, these vehicles are for life and cannot be changed.

This is not simply 12 cars you want. It is not just 12 cars you like. It’s not just a dream garage. This is a garage that when someone opens the doors and sees it, they will immediately understand who you are as a person. This is a garage that fulfills your soul and, deep down, completes you.

Choose wisely and show us what motorized chariots encompass you.

Please note: No duplicates (Patrick George...) and please note which role each car on your list is fulfilling.

The List of Desu-San-Desu:

1) The Daily:

  • 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 3.0L
  • Fuel-injected South Africa-spec model. Upgraded with modern lighting, adjustable suspension, and performance brakes. Custom engine tuning with modern fuel injection, increased air flow, and uprated internals, with a final naturally-aspirated output of approximately 270hp. Custom exhaust. Slightly deeper high-gloss red than the one pictured below. Interior upgrades for added comfort, support, and modern amenities. Upgrade transaxle for smoother shifting, 6 gears, better gear ratios, and limited slip differential. Custom wheels to allow for wider tires while retaining classic styling. Full custom re-loom with upgraded wiring.

2) The Family Hauler and Grocery Getter:

  • 1995 Audi RS2 Avant
  • Upgraded powertain power and reliability. Modern lighting upgrades along with additional front lighting. Custom suspension designed for comfort and handling while still being able to take a lot of abuse from rough roads. Performance brake upgrade with long-life ceramic pads. Upgraded interior trim and components for added comfort and usability. Childproofing measures for rear passenger area. Cargo divider. Under-body, bumper, and door edge protection. Replace factory sunroof with custom panoramic glass sunroof. Remote-access liftgate. Remote start and engine block heater.


3) The Track Toy:

  • 2016 Ariel Atom 3S
  • Matte Black paint. Swap turbocharger for supercharger. Select optional close-ratio manual transmission. Custom Snell-approved Darth Vader racing helmet. Specially tailored black race suit with custom-fit shoes and gloves.


4) The Public-Road Canyon Carver:

  • 2016 Ford Focus RS
  • Upgraded wheels and tires. Upgraded brakes. Light bar for added night-time visibility. That’s it.


5) The Road-Legal Rally Car:

  • 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II
  • Upgrade with modern rally-spec suspension and brakes. Rally-spec low-profile interior cage (with easy entry bars for door openings) while retaining full interior dash, with upgraded gauges. Adjustable racing seats with quick-release harnesses. Custom engine and exhaust tuning. Custom short-ratio synchromesh 6-speed manual transmission, reinforced for rally duties, with streetable clutch and LSD. Full under-body protection and custom-loomed rewiring. Upgraded lighting. Painted to look like an A-Wing from Star Wars.


6) The Work/Tow Vehicle:

  • 2001 Ford Excursion Limited 7.3 Diesel 4WD
  • Full suite of expedition and overland upgrades, along with interior upgrades for passenger comfort and cargo area durability and easy cleanup. Towing package. This thing will go anywhere, towing damned-near anything, and you’ll be comfortable the whole way.


7) The Cruiser:

  • 1977 Toyota Celica GT RA29 Liftback (Right-hand drive)
  • Toyota 2GR-FKS engine and drivetrain swap with custom manual transmission. Engine tuned for naturally aspirated higher power and mid-range torque along with higher redline. Outsource top-end tuning to Yamaha to pay homage to the original 18R-G engine. Limited slip differential. Modern performance brakes and suspension with custom Koni FSD dampers to match the custom springs. Modern chassis stiffening and reinforcements. 16x9 wheels and tires in the rear, 16x7 in the front. Custom high-flow exhaust tuned for excellent exhaust note. Tune engine for slight overrun to allow for natural off-throttle flames out of exhaust. Custom retro-styled interior with modern amenities and custom seats for added comfort and support bolstering. External styling very similar to the picture below, but with a slightly darker shade of gray.


8) The Grand-Tourer:

  • 2006 Saab 9-2X Aero 6MT
  • Standard Subaru WRX STI aftermarket upgrades to engine to bring it up to 555whp. Upgrade transmission to handle additional power. Limited-slip differential. Upgraded brakes. Custom suspension to balance comfort with handling. Custom-tuned exhaust. Upgraded interior and sound system. Updated AWD system with modern STI DCCD system. General chassis reinforcement and stiffening to allow for softer suspension damping. Remove all exterior badges and decals. Upgraded exterior lighting.


9) The Supercar:

  • 2012 Lexus LFA
  • Custom retractable cup-holders. Replace OEM infotainment software with custom Android ROM.


10) The All-Terrain-All-Season Beast:

  • 2016 Bowler Nemesis EXR-S
  • Full interior package with added rear seats. Smaller wheels with high-sidewall all-terrain tires. Auto hydraulic jack. Low-profile internal cage with easy-entry bars for openings. High-point intake snorkel and front and rear winches. Flex-fuel. Additional lighting.


11) The Autocrosser:

  • 2004 Toyota MR2 Spyder
  • Honda K20A2 engine, transmission, and LSD swap. Competition engine tuning and Comptech Supercharger for final output of 300whp. Custom high-flow exhaust. As much weight reduction as possible while retaining full dash and sound system. Custom carbon-fiber manually folding hardtop. Competition roll bar, adjustable seats, and quick-release harnesses. Lightweight 16x8 wheels with extremely sticky tires. Full adjustable suspension. Chassis stiffening and reinforcement. Functional and adjustable rear GT wing. Same body kit as pictured below, but trim pieces would be painted to match the rest of the car. Clear indicator lenses. Blacked-out angel-eye projector headlight upgrade. Custom LED tail lights. Custom flat-bottomed steering wheel.


12) The Hoonigan:

  • 1981 Subaru Brat
  • Dodge Hellcat 6.2 supercharged HEMI V8 engine swap. Remove engine-cladding and allow supercharger, drive pulley, and intake to poke through cutout in hood, Mad-Max Style. Custom reinforced 6-speed syncromech transmission coupled with 2016 Ford Focus RS AWD system. Differentials and axles upgraded to handle additional torque. Custom-fabricated rough-style riveted wide body fenders. Mini-fridge with secure-latch door mounted to chassis frame at rear of truck bed. Flow-through tailgate with 5th-wheel style dip in middle for easy access to mini-fridge. Custom 16x9 ATS Classic black-and-silver wheels. Hydraulic handbrake. Custom adjustable coilover suspension. Custom-made padded roll bar. Reinforced rear-facing racing seats with 6-point harnesses in truck bed. Additional off-road lights. Custom 4-wheel adjustable camber and caster plates. Full chassis reinforcement. Twin rust-patina chimney exhausts with hinged rain-caps which exit vertically from edges of truck bed just behind tailgate. CB radio antenna with flag. Front brush guard and under-body skid plates. LED display built into license plate frame; reads selected gear and RPM’s. Interior has adjustable racing seats with padded low-profile cage. Windshield replaced with segmented lexan. Side and rear window glass replaced with molded lexan but can still operate like normal windows; upgrade to electric windows. Upgraded stereo system. Loudspeakers installed on top of cab with selectable patch-through to either stereo system or onboard CB microphone. Rear-view mirrors removed and replaced with JDM-style fender mirrors. Custom digital gauge cluster. Updated exterior lighting all around while keeping classic light styling. Rally-armor mudflaps. Sticker-bombed rear paneling. ‘Natural rust patina’ paint job.
    Because fuck logic and common sense.