Today I thought I was going to die.

I was blasting down the autobahn at around 90 mph when I saw some familiar looking headlights behind me, an MK7 GTI. The GTI is the natural enemy of the ST twins and I just so happen to drive a FiST. The GTI gets right up on my ass and it's pretty clear he wants to play.

I unleash the 22 lbs of boost and get up to 100 and then 110, the GTI is still right there behind me, I hammer down again and now we're at 120 passing everything from Opels to Audis, just flying in the left lane. Then I feel something in my face, a sneeze is coming. I couldn't get into the right lane because of all the other cars and I couldn't slow down too quickly because the GTI was in my ass.


I sneezed, the car jolted and then everything was back to normal. Those few milliseconds where my eyes were closed and I was going stupid fast in a Fiesta were some of the scariest moments I've had in a long time.


Oh and then when I did move to the right lane the GTI blew past me and drove off into oblivion, douche.