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The "15% More Power" Rule

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No matter what the car is, especially if you own it, you’ll always wish it made just 15% more power. Even if there is an engine above the one you have, that would be “overkill.” It only needs about 15% more power. Examples:

Say I was driving a Charger with the 292 hp 3.6L V6. I would think, “If only this car made about 335 hp it would be perfect! It doesn’t even need the 5.7L, that would be way too much power.”


Then I get a Charger with the 370 hp 5.7L Hemi. I would end up thinking, “If this made about 425 hp, it would be perfect! The 6.4L would be way too much for this car.”

And so on, and so on. Whatever you have right now, don’t you think just 15% more power is all the additional power you need? Or is this just another me being me thing?

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