The '18 Mustang has transmission problems

So its looking like 2018 Mustang owners have been having serious issues with the new 10 speed transmissions. Not simple issues either. Total failures at less than 10 thousand miles. Since the middle of last month I’ve counted about 150 different owners who have called in for tows on their 2018 Mustangs.


The transmission was jointly developed between Ford and GM, though Ford took the lead in development. It comes standard on the Ecoboost Mustang and is an option on the GT if you don’t want the manual. The tranny sees duty in the Camaro ZL1 as well as F150’s and the Raptor. Its supposed to spawn more 10 speed transmissions for other vehicles as well. But these failures might put a kink in those plans.

A quick search of the forums online, like, will show that other owners have had problems as well. One owner started a thread asking if anyone has had any failures because his went out at 4 thousand miles.Others, like one owner with less than 2000 miles, have noticed a delay in shifting from certain gears. The owner of the original post posted a pic of the update after going to the dealer and its not good:

Image: Fourm member Blacktrim2018 from

Compounding problems also is an apparent lack of parts available for repairs to the point that some Ford dealers are outsourcing the work. I spoke with one owner that needed a tow and had to take his Mustang over 98 miles away to a tranny specialist that the Ford dealer referred him too because they didn’t have the parts available to repair his transmission.That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Has anyone encountered any problems ( if you’re an owner) or know anyone that has had any transmission problems on the ‘18 Mustang? What do you guys think about these problems?

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