The 1960 Geographic “Model X” Trailer aka “Trailer For The Rich”

For a mid-century junkie like me, this thing is just candy.

Only five were built by David Holmes (of Harry & David) and BMW race car designer Chuck Perry. At a whopping $8,495 each, they just couldn’t make a sale.


A decent home at the the time could be purchased for $13,000. America just wasn’t ready for luxury mobile living, so after a couple of years of trying to make a sale, the showroom closed in 1962, and this trailer was purchased for $5,000 by the showroom manager.

She died in 1995 and her sister sold it for a couple hundred dollars to Los Angeles architect Bardy Azadmard. At a cost of $20,000, he restored the trailer to its original condition and listed it in 2010 for $135,000.


It's almost up there with an Airstream, in my book.

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