But also pretty cool as well. Let's take a look and see.

3 dogs, 2 adults and a kid. In a 2 door coupe. This is what you have a wagon for

I like to park my Wildcat on the the courts too

Yes, you can fit a full 9 people in this wagon, kind of, for now. Should be 8 people really, but seat belt laws were a thing of the future


Again, big RC planes are wagon territory



the girl in the yellow - "because racecar". I wonder who the suspect drives the GS. I want to


I was unaware anyone could eat such a large slice of watermelon. OM NOM NOM. These people could have gotten away with a coupe though


probably the coolest page is the first. Look at all of your Buick Options!

that guy in the wagon is legit taking out the trash



or what is he doing, plants and trash?

Just thought I would share. Have some GS's and a racecar in closing