Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from May 16 through May 20. It includes a W123 wagon, past Indy inflied glory, FSAE Michigan and some forbidden [beige] fruit.

My 1984 Mercedes Benz 300TD, reviewed - Harrycarry250


The discerning buyer who needs to fit many dogs in the back and four people up front in the lap of, mid-range, luxury. That is who buys a Mercedes 300 wagon. Fitted with a turbo and adorned with the finest vinyl to keep the backs of the occupants firmly adhered to the MB-Tex as to avoid falling out of the seat. Mercedes knew the side bolsters wouldn't keep them in place through the bends, and you're sweating because the A/C doesnt work so well. That is what the Mercedes 300 Wagon will do for you, but now you must ask, what will you do for it? Read more…

Missing: The real Indy-500 Snake-Pit - Grindintosecond

The "Snake-Pit" at the Indianapolis 500 was not the morally safe organized vendor demo and beer garden presently occupying the inside of turn-three. The Snake-Pit was where I saw real boobs when I was 11. It's a collection of motorcycle and beer and mud-wrestling fans that were also enthusiasts of anything else as long as it was not proper social convention. Real boobs! For the first time! Duude! They were awesome...

FSAE Michigan: An inside look - Bjohnson11


I got back Sunday from Middle-Of-Nowhere Michigan (also known as "where Michigan International Speedway, and nothing else" is). My team had a tumultuous journey to get there, and a very eventful time once at competition. I'm going to give you guys an inside look into what competition was like. I'll try to cover everything without skipping all over the place, but who knows how that will work. Read more…

2014 Toyota Aurion: The Opposite Lock Review - marshknute

The Toyota Aurion is sold predominantly in Australia and New Zealand and serves as Toyota's "prestige" Camry. It's essentially a V6 Camry with different front/rear bumpers and a more premium name. Thrilling, I know. Seeing as I was visiting New Zealand for the first time, I thought it only appropriate to drive an Oceania-only vehicle through the land of ominous clouds and sheep. Read more…


This Mad Rally Stage Is Run On The Rim Of A Volcano - Dusty Ventures


The road along the rim of the Sete Cidades Volcano in the Azores is a gorgeous-yet-terrifying drive. The mostly dirt road is twisty, narrow (sometimes less than ten feet wide), often partially fogged over, and laden with jumps, banks, and abrupt roadside drops of as much as a thousand feet. To drive the road takes full concentration, to race it takes massive balls of carbotanium. Read more…

Genki Studios - feather-throttle-not-hair

It all started with Tokyo Xtreme Racer, a silly racing series created by a little known Japanese developer called Genki Studios. For a little under 15 years, Genki tried again and again and again to realize their vision of the perfect highway racing game set in Tokyo. Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero was one of their better efforts and it just so happened to be a game that my friends and I got very into in college. Read more…


Bouffort - Weird Cars Even For The French - Jonee


Victor-Albert Bouffort was an aeronautics engineer who took it upon himself to design and build some pretty crazy cars in the years after WWII. The first was this magnificent streamlined three-wheeler based on a Citroen Traction-Avant. Read more…

The Nicest Volvo 122S This Side Of The Amazon River - TheDailyTurismo

It may be Friday, but with so many cheap Swedish classics around, every day should be as Thorsday. Time to get the Scandinavian smorgasbord going with another classic Volvo 122S. We've posted a number of Amazon coupes on the internet over, and an Amazon was one of our first buyer/seller success stories. Read more…


The Hunt for Le Mans - Gabor Vajda


Ickx, Fittipaldi, Prost, Brundle, Senna, Andretti, Villeneuve and Mansell. A great list of names that will soon be expanded with Hunt. All because of Le Mans… You might have a closer look, though, because you might see Freddie popping up on the list. Freddie Hunt, that is. And this is what he had to say to me. Read more…

The Kia K900 Is The New Volkswagen Phaeton - VincentvanCabrioW

Over the last 7 years or so Kia started building many things that has turned this company into something truly great. It has developed a new image headed by a former Audi designer, It has developed innovative engineering such as Turbocharged and Hybrid power trains, an appreciation of hamsters dropping the bass, and even a factory in the United States. Also, through these years, the company has developed something else as well. Balls. Read more…


April Car Sales: The (Boring) Sedan is Still Dead - Automatch Tom


Our good friend Tim Cain over at has released the new car sales stats for April. Trucks and crossovers continue to dominate while mainstream sedans are still experiencing a sales decline. Last month Jalopnik declared, "the sedan is dead." However, this month there are a couple of bright spots if you dig deep into the list. Read more…

The 98th Indianapolis 500-Mile Race - Ric Clement

The past? It still holds relevance. Lessons learned in the prior runnings gear the successes each of 33 drivers hopes to achieve, and the very desire for victory stems from a century-plus of moments that still provide chills. Read more…


Every Ecoboost Mustang Sold Will Kill Someone's Inner Hoon - PardonMyFlemish16


You know, for a long time, the V8 in the Mustang GT kind of sucked. And I'm not talking about the lump in the Mustang II. A '98 GT would have trouble getting away from a same year Maxima despite weighing about the same and having a sizable power, torque and traction advantage. Read more…

2014 WorldRX Round 2 Preview: Lydden Hill, England - Hoccy

The second round of WorldRX goes back to the home of rallycross this weekend, Lydden Hill. The sport was born here back in the 1960's, and this is one of the classic events this year. Together with all the heritage comes a huge startgrid with 37 drivers in the supercar category! Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Speedmonkey had a go in the V60 Polestar. Louros shared more photos of his NA Miata and stopped by C&C in Chatham, NJ. Eric spotted a beautiful early Mustang. Cherry_man1 posted photos of his Gran Torino. Twinturbobmw attended the IPD Volvo Swap Meet. V8Demon took photos at a car show. Offroadkarter spotted a nice Alfa GTV and attended Lehigh Valley C&C. Jeff-God-of-Biscuits shared photos from C&C. MrTheEngineer finished his bobber bike. The New Garage took videos at Rennsport. Buford-t-justice got a Focus ST. Underacheiver took pictures of a nice 991 Turbo S. Wolfezx went to Cascade C&C. Raphy attended Auto Nostalgia 2014. D took some photos of his friends' cars. PreetR34 travelled three continents. Vorspringing went autocrossing. Mochimaster spotted a GTX1. SnapUndersteer tackled VIR in his e36 M3. Mathias Rios fixed his 924.


Chairman Kaga brought his GTV6 to Austin C&C. TokyoBayAquaLine made a sweet illustration. Coty took a trip to Import Faceoff: Epping. Stephen the Canuck took photos at TOPP Drift. Audi For Life visited Rockville Audi and Audi Forum Herndon. Nosek went to Penske Scottsdale C&C. Motorsport Jedi posted photos from Katie's C&C. Labcoatguy hit up a Swedish meet in Carlisle, PA. Cody brought his Tacoma to meet. Fl1ngstam attended the Newport Pagnell Aston Martin Auction. Jobjoris had more issues with his 2002 Touring build. FreddsterExprs shared some of his carspotting. Zachaput did some carspotting in Elkhart Lake, WI. Highmodulus bought another M3. ShiftsAndGiggles spotted an Avanti. StoneCold rallycrossed a Miata. Brian Silvestro's mom h̶a̶s̶ ̶g̶o̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶i̶n̶'̶ ̶o̶n̶ got a 328d. JGrabowMSt worked on his Magnum. Thedriver took photos of his ecoboosts.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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