The 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Has Been Updated Again for 2019

In an act of sheer defiance from Mercedes-Benz’s former sister company Chrysler, 2019 greets us with the newest version of the W210 chassis E-Class Coupe, which has been dubbed, “Challenger,” by some keen journalists and fans.

The newest iteration of the E-Class Coupe receives some minor exterior finishes for the new year, including the addition of the widebody package on the E500 AMG Sport Package, and a new hood design on the E55 AMG models.


The biggest news for the 2019 refresh of the E-Class is the addition of the new E55 AMG “Redeye”, which a 797 bhp upgrade to the E55's already powerful engine. This new version of the E55 makes the most recent version, the E55 Black Series, dubbed, “Demon,” a bit absurd and outdated, as paying the extra money for a few extra ponies seems a bit dumb, but Mercedes owners will pay for anything.

All in all, 2019 is looking to be another spicy year for the E-Class Coupe. Prepare to see all three of these at your local cars and coffee and other cruise-ins before the year is over, where they will be meticulously cared for by their owners who hardly ever take them over 65 on the highway.


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