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The $20 TV thingy is alive!

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It’s running, albeit on the Roku instead of the Apple TV. The ‘TV’ has sound, but I have no idea how to control the actual TV guts that lurk within this big metal box so I can’t turn the volume up or down or change inputs; I don’t know the brand of the TV, nor do I know where the IR sensor is located.


I’m using the Roku because it has a headphone jack on the remote which I can use to drive that Boston Acoustics 2.1 setup for now. Not ideal, but functional and sounds fine.

I’ll get it all dialed in someday, but for now it’s good enough. I’m not some aesthete that must have it look just right, but kind of like the ‘hack’ anesthetic - various disparate, scrounged pieces combined to make a satisfying whole, with the current cost of this A/V system being a whopping $25 for video, audio and streamer.

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