If you haven't been by a Mazda dealer in the last few weeks, you'll notice something new on your next visit. The new '14 Mazda3 is out.

Don't let me mislead you by the title of this post. The new Mazda is a fine car. I suspect it will drive pleasantly and will be a damn fine contender in the compact sedan/hatch market. The new styling is in line with Mazda's recent cars, even if it looks a little overdone for a regular-size car.

However, the radio drives me up the wall. It shouldn't: the radio is a small bit of an otherwise fine car. It no doubt functions just fine and is certainly placed there to keep your eyes on the road. I just can't get past it, though. It looks like one of those XM radios added by an aftermarket shop. When looking at it I have a hard time trying not to grab and pull it right off the dash to see what's behind.

So what do you think - Am I being too harsh on this car? Who else has seen the car in person?