If you are looking to get one of the last batch Lancer Evolution X's - the one good car that Mitsubishi makes - you will be better off opting for the older 2014 model, even if that means not getting the GS-R "Final Edition."

There is a reason for this: As if the Lancer's interior wasn't terrible enough - the last model year of the Evo X will NOT come equipped with those fabulous Recaros.

Wait, what?!

This is the interior of a 2015 Lancer Evolution X GS-R that you can buy right now at a Mitsubishi dealer in Orange County, California:


As you can plainly see, the comfortable, snug and supportive Recaros with big bolsters have been replaced by the economy seats straight out of a $16,000 CVT-equipped Lancer ES or whatever the hell it's called.

So what the heck happened?

It turns out that DOT has more stringent side airbag regulations in place for 2015 - regulations that the Recaros that have been present in the Evo for seven model years did not pass. Mitsubishi had no choice but to pull the lovely Recaros - the one bright spot in what is otherwise one of the worst, most plasticky and awful interiors in existence.


But I still want a 2015 Evo for some reason...what do I do?

Now this is an Evo, one of the greatest hoon machines of the 21st Century; unless you want to slide into your passenger's lap while you're practicing Scandinavian flicks in the Wal-Mart parking lot, you will want to get some better bolstering. The solution to this is easy, right? Just pick up a set of aftermarket Recaros. Maybe something like this, the Sportster CS, which runs approximately $1800 per seat:


Of course, $1800 per seat is not chump change. "But hey, no problem" you figure, "The '15 Evolution should be several thousand cheaper since it doesn't have an expensive pair of Recaros in it."

Well, that would make sense...except you would be wrong!

MSRP for a 2014 Lancer Evolution X GS-R (with Recaros): $34,995

MSRP for a 2015 Lancer Evolution X GS-R: (without Recaros): $35,305

So in a nutshell, Mitsubishi is charging you $310 for the privilege of removing those lousy Recaros from your car.


This is ludicrous.

It's almost like Mitsubishi is copying the Porsche model of charging you more for a decontented GT3 model...except Porsche takes out the crap you don't want, and leaves the good seats in the car.