Oppo, I have a confession. I love large sedans, I’ll probably never end up in a sportscar because some luxo-barge in pearlescent white, which is my favorite car color by the way, will always catch my heart. The Shields (in Technicolor) look so good. I love it.

The Envision near it sucks big floppy donkey dingles though. Unfortunately you can discover the quality difference between the Envision and the Cascada and LaCrosse just walking by them! It is just a very...GM vehicle. I dream of the day where I get into a GM product and think, “Wow, this is way more than they needed to do!” Nope, it’s always, “Wow, this is precisely as far as it needed to go!” Though I will say that the Escalade, CTS, Camaro, Corvette (Stingray only), and oddly enough the Verano all felt like GM spent a little bit extra on the interiors.

In case you were wondering, yes I took the day off and yes I am very much a morning person! Mmm, the weather was great for that walk and there were so many dealerships on the way. But this is the last post until tonight probably, I need to get into my day.


Hnnnng, Technicolor