The 2017 Chrysler 300s is a good car(Mini-Review featuring some other German stuff)

After driving the 300s something like 400 miles in 4 days including to and from the airport, a trip to downtown Denver from Colorado Springs for a concert, and a spirited drive up pikes peak, I decided I liked the 300s. The gray color wit the Bronze wheels was a fantastic and mean look. The Beats Audio sounded nice in conjunction with the UConnect(except the 1 day it decided it just wanted the U but not to Connect). The Pentastar was pretty good for everything except 2 lane passing where the Hemi would have been nice. The 8 speed transmission would hunt for gears occasionally but was usually right. The seats were pretty darn comfy and the seat heaters would bake your back. The ride was a bit jumpy at times on the concrete highways but it was the S model so I bet the C is comfort. Enjoying my drive up Pikes Peak I never lost traction. Would hear the tires chirping but never got the back end out, even when I tried. Knob placement was tricky as I turned the air up a lot instead of the radio, which spurred a laugh from the wife every time. Part of this car is still old Mercedes so other German stuff follows.


Over all, it is a good car.

Here’s a M5 550i(I think that’s what that says?)because people are stupid.

Also here’s one of the few Mercedes that my dad works on with fresh rear rubber because apparently these eat rear tires for some strange reason. I’ll let you know if we find out why. This man also owns a CTS Wagon and old Italian cars. He’s cool.

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