Why do people even buy these? I have a 2017 Honda Civic press car with the 1.5 turbo and a stick. It’s absolutely the most infuriating, annoying, and joyless thing I have ever driven.

Number one! Visibility! There is none. At 5'9" I know I’m not especially tall but I feel like the dashboard comes up to my chin and I can’t see anything out of it. It’s like the seat needs to me half a foot up from where it is. (Yes, I adjusted the height as much as I could. Rear visibility is a complete disaster and I have to rely on the backup camera to perform the simplest of reversing maneuvers. And I parallel park my Suburban with ease in downtown regularly.

Next up! Ergonomics! Holy fuck has Honda forgotten where people’s arms are mounted? The important thing to know is that Honda continues its crusade against volume knobs by giving you a volume slider that is nearly impossible to operate while driving. The knobs that look like volume knobs are actually climate control knobs so every time a good song comes on, I end up changing the climate control. Fucking brilliant, Honda. Gold star. The wheel is okay but reaching for the shifter makes me feel like I’m the rat fink shifting through the sunroof or something. It’s mounted nearly as high as the horn button putting my arm at a strange angle when shifting.

Which brings me to the shifting. I know everyone here jerks off to manual transmissions and wonders why nobody buys them anymore in mainstream cars. Well here’s the reason: They’re shit. Yeah the transmission in your Miata or E36 is fun and engaging but this manual is so clearly and afterthought that it’s a wonder they sell any at all. The flywheel on this fucker must weigh like 55 pounds. The revs take AGES to fall when you upshift from gear to the next. And I mean FOREVER. From 3,200 to 2,000 takes 2.5 seconds. I timed it. That’s 2.5 seconds every time you want to shift at 3k RPM into the next gear. So rather than wait, you can rush it but then it slams forward as the revs come crashing down. It was so obviously designed to be a lifeless engine mushily controlled by an automatic they didn’t even bother to tune it for the manual option.

What else is there to say? It looks awful, weighs as much as a small moon, has zero steering feel and I hate it. I can’t stand it. I drove it from the pick up location to my house and it will sit there until I can return this pile of garbage. I’ve driven a ton of new cars through my job and this is by far the most unpleasant car I have ever piloted. Honda, you make me sad.