It really was an amazing design in how much it completely neutralized the perception of depth. I sincerely hope Toyota doesn’t give up on this design path because they are really getting close to that Mecha/Kaiju design that is extremely Japanese and plays on nostalgia while being futuristic. Like if Mothra need to take the kids to school in a Gundam, well it would be a Lexus LX.


Toyota needs to go crazier. Take that look of the sheet metal being pulled tight and exaggerate it to the point where it looks as if the skin is being torn off and revealing a monster beneath. Like the werewolf transformations in that Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackson. These are so close to 80s/90s dystopian anime design while looking like the Michael Bay transformers and the Pacific Rim Kaijus that I want to see these cars become so exaggerated that they are Toonami/Adult Swim action figures on the roads.