The 2018 Lexus IS300 and 2018 Lexus IS300 are Different Cars with Different Powertrains

What are you doing Lexus?

So the 2018 Lexus IS300 has a 2.0L turbo I4 making 241 hp and 258 lb-ft.

Additionally, the 2018 Lexus IS300 has a 3.5L NA V6 making 260 hp and 238 lb-ft.

I mean if you had to choose between them on one hand the IS300 is a little quicker but the IS300 gets better gas milage. That means most people are probably better off with the IS300.


At least the 2018 IS300 is also available with the F-Sport package, which is nice. Yes, that includes the IS300.

Ok, to be fair the V6 is AWD and has a 6 speed auto while the I4 is RWD with an 8 speed auto, but still, who thought this naming was acceptable? They’re basically completely different drivetrains with the same model name.

It’s all the result of the Lexus “200t” models being renamed to “300” in the North American market as the result of Mercedes with their “-300” models and BMW with their “-30i” models. Got to get that “3” in there.


[Unwarranted consumer advice incoming.]

Anyone in the market for an 18 IS should save up for a IS350 F-Sport RWD. It’s the best small sport sedan in the lineup by far.

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