The build and price is live if you guys want to check it out. What’s essentially a sort of reskinned 6 Series so it can be a weird wagony thing, the 8 looks to cash in on the big luxury performance coupe occupied by competitors like the S Class coupe.

There’s only one trim: the M850i xDrive with awd and the 4.4 liter twin turbo V8. There are 8 exterior color choices. 6 of them are just variations of gray or black, including 1 white. The other 2 are Sonic Speed Blue, which is pretty much M blue, and Sunset Orange Metallic, which the car debuted in. All of them are no cost options.


There are 6 wheel options: 2 standard no option 20’ wheels, 1 19’ option, 1 20’ option that is with BMW individual and is $3,350, 1 19’ option for $1,850 that comes with a cooling and high performance tire package and a 20’ option for $350 for shadowline trim. I choose the option with the performance package. This changed the price to $113,750.

There are 6 interior leather color choices: White, Blue, Red, Brown,Cognac and Black. Surprisingly all of them aren’t part of a option package or an extra cost option. Interior trims consist of stainless steel fabric trim, fineline copper wood trim, ash grain gray metallic wood, and a piano black finish which is part of BMW individual and adds $3,350 to the price. Adding it changes the price to $115,600.


In addition to the BMW Individual package, there are 3 other option packages:

  • Driving Assistance Plus Package for $1,700 that includes the usual suite of driving aids
  • Comfort Seating Package for $900 that includes heated and cooled front seats, a heated armrest which is pretty damn great and remote start for pre heating the vehicle.
  • And the aforementioned Cooling and High Performance Tire package. Its described as: Enhance the cooling performance of the BMW 8 Series with a more powerful cooling fan and an additional engine oil cooler. High-performance tires will match the aggressive racing pedigree of your 8 Series with improved traction, reduced stopping distance and enhanced dynamic response.


I added the performance package, which removed the BMW Individual package automatically selected when I choose the black interior trim and took the price back down to $113,750

Other options wise:

  • A $3,000 M Carbon roof
  • $650 glass controls described as hand made diamond cut glass trims on the gearshift lever, an illuminated 8 volume control knob, the start/stop button and the iDrive controller.
  • $650 for Anthracite Alcantara Headliner
  • $2,300 Night Vision System with Pedestrian Detection
  • $20 each for 2 seats of BMW valve stem caps in either the BMW or M logo
  • And a host of BMW care packages ranging from $600 to a little under $5,300.


All in, depending on how you option it, a 8 Series will set you back pretty much $120 grand more or less. Pricey, but not pricey enough to where you won’t see a few of these things running around.