The 2019 BMW X7 starts at $73,900

The long rumored X7 has finally made it to market, with BMW touting it as The largest and most luxurious Sports Activity Vehicle ever built. And they are right. This thing looks to be huge and will sell like hot cakes to the upper middle class families that flock to these. Here’s the price break down.


There are 2 confusingly named (of course) trim levels to choose from: the base X7 xDrive40i that;s powered by BMW’s 3.0 TwinPower Turbo I6; and the 4.4 liter TwinPower Turbo V8 powered xDrive50i. There is a whopping $18,700 separating the two trims with the 40i starting at $73,900 and the 50i at $92,600.

There are 2 sub trims if you will (BMW calls them designs). There’s the Luxury which doesn’t change anything price wise but adds on chrome trim pieces; and there’s the Sport that adds on $4,350 to the price ($78,250) and comes with M inspired design pieces and wheels. I choose the Sport trim.

There are 6 exterior color choices, which is surprising considering that this is BMW: Carbon Black, Black Sapphire, Mineral White,Vermont Bronze which isn’t available on the Sport trim, Artic Gray (which is like a lighter Black) and Alpine White. All of them are no cost options. I choose Black of course.


There are 8 different wheel options spread between four 21” options and four 22” options. The four 21” options are only available on the luxury trims with the 22’s only for the Sport trim. All ride on runflats. I choose the only Black 22” option, which are a $1,300 option.


There are 10 interior leather colors with contrasting stitching that can be chosen from. All pretty much differing hues of Blacks, Browns and Grays. 5 of them require the $750 addition of multi contour seats. One of them, a color called Ivory White with Night Blue contrasting stitching, required adding $1,200 for a leather dashboard and another $1,600 for a Luxury Seating package in addition to the $750 for the multi contour seats. I added this because honestly, it looks really nice.


There are 6 interior trims to choose from: 5 woods and one piano Black finish. The Piano Black finish and the BMW Individual line Ash Grain Silver both add on $1,080 if selected. The others are no charge. I choose the Black finish.


A total of 7 option packages round the bulk of the options for the X7:

  • Cold Weather package $1,200: Comes with heated front seats,armrests and steering wheel, front and rear heated seats, and 5 zone climate control
  • Dynamic Handling Package $3,850: Consists of M Sport Brakes, Integral Active Steering, and something called Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview which is described as Active Comfort Drive’s electromechanically-operated stabilization system allows your vehicle to handle corners with comfort and precision. Road Preview uses a forward-facing camera mounted behind the rear view mirror to read the road surface and adjust the suspension system in real time via the Dynamic Damper Control system. Together, they impart an unrivaled combination of sporty handling and luxurious riding comfort. Sounds impressive and pricey to fix down the line.
  • Driving Assistance Professional Package $1,700: Includes Active Driving Assistant Pro which is pretty much a fancy name for their radar based cruise control, and something called Extended Traffic Jam Assistant which BMW describes as Extended Traffic Jam Assistant provides partially automated support on limited-access highways, as well as support for narrow road sections; Pulling on a lever, Emergency Stop Assistant brings the vehicle to a stop in case of a health emergency.
  • The aforementioned mentioned Luxury Seating package that was included in the selection of the leather selection
  • Surprisingly an Off Road Package $1,650: Includes, according to the site Rugged underguard elements at the front and rear, a mechanical differential lock, and four xOffRoad driving modes (xSand, xRocks, xGravel, and xSnow,) activate the right settings for the vehicle’s height, xDrive system, accelerator response, transmission control, and DSC system’s corrective input to deliver the ideal ride on a range of surfaces. Impressive and unexpected on the X7.
  • Parking assistance Package $700: Pretty much a package for self parallel parking.
  • Premium Package $3,000: Mainly consists of fancy luxury features of Gesture Controls, Heated and Cooled Cupholders (which every car needs honestly) Head-up Display, Remote Engine Start, Soft-close automatic doors, Rear electric side window shades, Harman Kardon surround sound system.

Of these, I added the Handling, Driving Assistance,Luxury Seating and Premium Package. Unfortunately the Off Road Package cant be added due to the Sport Package.


There are 9 stand alone options:

  • 7500 lb trailer hitch for $550
  • The touch control display key that debuted on the 7 Series for $300
  • Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof for $750 with dual panes and a chose of changeable colors for lighting at night
  • Glass Controls for $650
  • Heated front seats, arm rests and steering wheel for $250
  • The leather dash for $1,200 (if you didn;t get it with the seating package)
  • Second row captains chairs with adjustments for $600
  • Rear seat entertainment system with rear iDrive controller for $2,200
  • Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system with 20 speakers and 1500 watts for $4,200
  • And a space saver spare for $150

I added all of these options save for the trailer hitch.

All in with the options selected, on the “base” xDrive40i mind you, you’re looking at just over 6 figures, $100,580.


It gets even worse with the V8 model with it reaching nearly $113,000 with selecting the Luxury package, same options and off road package, etc. Pretty much anyway you go about it a loaded X7 will crest 6 figures. Unless you don’t add any options at all, but even then you’re still going to be out the door pretty heavily on either model.

With that said though, this looks to be well equipped to do battle with a crowded field that includes the GLS, Navigator L, Escalade ESV etc.

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