The 2019 Nissan Altima: It's a Car

The 2019 Nissan Altima is here, and boy, is it very much a car.

Like Clarkson and the Vectra I have next to nothing to say about the new Altima. It seems to be no more than a new attempt by Nissan to make themselves look like the pinnacle of technology and sportiness for a good price, but yet like most other models comes off as the complete opposite from a first glance. I’m sure it’s a fine car, though, and it will sell a lot. It’s one of those cars that your mom sees and says, “Boy, THOSE are nice.”


Since I’m out of opinions, I’ll drop some facts for you. The 2019 Altima debuted celebrating 25 years of Altima in the United States. This is important, to me, at least, as the first car I remember riding in as a child was my mom’s 1995 Altima GXE. With such an accolade, Nissan decided to make this what they believe to be the most technologically advanced Altima yet.

Gone is the V6 model, replaced by a turbocharged 4 cylinder, which Nissan claims has more power than the V6 from before, yet backed this up with zero claims of how much power it did make. There’s also a 2.5 liter engine as standard, which will probably be the one you see most. Oh, it also has all-wheel drive for the first time ever on the Altima.


Nissan claims they took a lot of influence from the Leaf when it comes to technology and safety features. It’s got their ProPilot assist feature, to help drivers stop being idiots (which is actually brilliant if you’ve seen an Altima driver in action), as well as the standard blind spot alert and cross traffic alert gizmos that’s standard on cars nowadays. Inside there’s a new infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. That’s cool.

I’m sure someone’s interested in this, so good for you. It’s looking to be probably one of the finer Altimas in years, but that really isn’t saying much when they’ve been the automotive equivalent of porridge with a slight seasoning of chili peppers for years. Oh well, it’ll be on dealers soon I bet.


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