Volvo finally released their long-awaited replacement for the aging second-generation S60 today. Many fans of the Swedish brand have been patiently awaiting this moment after the massive design hits they’ve been pumping out recently, such as the S90, XC90, and XC40, and have been looking forward to how Volvo would input their new design philosophy in a smaller sedan. Well, here it is:

As expected, I believe it turned out very nicely.

It obviously takes a lot of cues from the S90, such as the Mjolnir LED headlights, flat faced grille, and the sweeping fastback style rear, although it ends off in a far more traditional boot-like saloon fashion. I see a few bits of Audi and even a little Maserati around the C-pillar and rear fender, but the rest is undeniably Volvo. Truly another striking design from the Swedes.


In the back, the boot lid is much more noticeable, and it continues on to the S90-style rear end with the controversial Volvo corporate tail lights. Everything else, however, is best defined by the term, “mini-S90,” with Volvo keeping it safe with the corporate design scheme, even leading into the interior, where it still remains as Swedish as IKEA. Monotone color schemes with aluminum or matte wood trim is available, surrounding that now famous Volvo touchscreen in the middle. Thankfully, the crystal gear selector is kept. A very smart interior, I’d say.

Power for the new S60 comes from a startling new place: both trims will be offered with twin-charged plug-in hybrid powerplants, a T6 variant with 360 bhp, and a T8 variant with 400 bhp tuned by Polestar. Those who aren’t keen on hybrid power can also choose between Volvo’s proven T5 and T6 power plants. FWD is standard with AWD also available, as well as safety technology pushed to the highest of Volvo’s standards, as expected.


The S60 marks the first Volvo to be built in their new Charleston, SC plant, marking the first Volvo to be built inside the continental US. Chief executive and president, Håkan Samuelsson, stated that the new S60 is, “one of the most exciting Volvo cars we’ve ever made,” and I believe him. While Volvo isn’t one of the biggest brands in the luxury market, I feel certain that this smart new S60 might be able to change their position in this ever growing market. It’s a truly succulent Swedish sausage, that’s for sure.