The 2020 BMW X3 M starts at $69,900; X4 M at $73,400

All new for 2020, M finally got around to the X3 and X4 giving them the beat treatment. Effectively they are same vehicle (the X4 is essentially an X3 with less head and cargo room. A baby X6, and not in a good way). Here’s the pricing


The X3 comes in 2 flavors. Both are powered by a brand new (wait for it) M TwinPower Turbo 3 liter I6 putting out 473 horses and a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 155. That gets routed to an AWD system with an M differential and an 8 speed auto. This is the standard on the X3 M trim that starts at $69,900. Want more power? For $76,900,there is an X3 M Competition that raises output to 503 horses that shaves .1 second off that 0-60 time and raises the top speed to 173. More on that trim later.

There are 6 exterior colors for the X3 M. All are pretty much standard M colors, meaning blue red grays and white and black. Every single color expect the white is a $550 option. There is one other color option. For $1,950 its a BMW Individual color called Sunstone Metallic and it’s a weird bronze-y,gray like color that looks good. I just choose Black of course. There are only 2 wheel options, well one really. Aside from the standard 20’ wheel, there is one 21’ option for $1,200. Both ride on run flat performance tires.


There are 7 interior leather (!) color choices: 2 grays, 2 blacks, orange, brown, and some brown like color I cant describe. All of them are $1000 options, aside from the standard black and gray, and require the addition of M Sport seats for another $950. I choose the orange seats.

There are 4 different dash inlays: two woods, which don’t really work here, carbon fiber and aluminum. All are no cost options so I added the carbon fiber.


There are only 2 option packages for the X3 M: a drivers assistance pack for $1700 which is just your standard suite of drivers aids, adaptive cruise control etc; and executive package for $3900 that includes things like heated seats, gesture controls, pano roof etc. I added both packages. There are only 3 stand alone options: ventilated seats for $350, the aforementioned M Sport seats for $950, and a mobility kit ( a tire inflation and repair kit since these are run flats and there is no spare). All in, a X3 M with pretty much all options will set you back $80,193. A lot but seems to be the going price range for European performance crossovers/suv’s.

The X3 M Competition starts at $76,900 and like I mentioned before, gets a power bump to 503 horses. Everything is pretty much the same. Although inside the Competition gets a special Sport Seat color combination. With the exact same options selected, an X3 M Competition is $83,400.


The X4 M is pretty much the same vehicle. Same engines, same performance etc, just less room because of its stupid X6 like body. It starts at $73,400; Competition $80,400. Everything is the same as the X3 M, even the colors and options. With all the same options selected, an X4 M will set you back $81,650; $85,500 for the Competition. I also found it strange that there was no kind of performance package. So there you have it. In the march to replace sedans, you have the option of 2 more performance vehicles that defy the laws of physics to outpace and outsell sedans.

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