New for 2020, the CT5 is the first half of a duo of vehicles meant to replace the slow selling CTS and ATS. The CT5 is the first of them to go on sale and is the CTS’ replacement. Cadillac hops it will do battle in the lucrative sports sedan segment but so far that remains to be seen. Here’s the pricing/options.

There are 4 trim levels to the CT5: Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport and V-Series. Those get spread across 2 engine choices and rear or AWD. Engine choices on the CT5 are either a 2.0 L turbo 4 with 237 horses and 258 lb/ft of torque coupled with a 10 speed auto. Or a 3.0 L twin turbo V6 with 335 horses and 360 lb/ft of torque with the same 10 speed auto.


The base Luxury trim and starts at the aforementioned $37,890. You can only get the turbo 4 on the Luxury trim. Standout standard features include:

  • CUE with a 10” touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 9 speaker audio system
  • 3 USB ports
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Remote Start

It comes with good standard features that are surprising considering that this is a GM vehicle. Which is saying something and also kind of sad.

Exterior color choices are surprisingly plentiful. There are 10 different color choices. Which is good. Until you see that 8 of the other colors are charged options. 6 of those 8 are $625. The last 2, both Tintcoats, are both $1,225. Interior color choices are limited to leatherette of course. Only in Black or Beige.

  • At the Luxury trim there are only 2 option packages. The first is a Sun & Sound package. For $2800 it gets you:
  • CUE with Nav
  • Bose 15 speaker premium audio system
  • 8” Driver Information Center color display
  • Ultraview dual pane moon roof
  • Wireless charging pad

I added this package since it comes with features I would want. The other package is an $800 cold weather package that gives the car a heated steering wheel and heated front seats. I didn’t add this. There are no wheel options for this trim. The standard and only wheel is an 18” bright alloy wheel. Other options include things like a rear spoiler ($455), wheel locks, floor mats, cargo net etc. Nothing of note. All in, a base CT5 Luxury will set you back $40,690; $43,290 with AWD.. A lot, but in line with other entry level luxury sport sedan offerings.


The next trim up is the Premium Luxury. It starts at $41,690. But this price is for the turbo 4. At this trim, the twin turbo V6 comes available as an option. The CT5 with the V6 starts at $45,190. Exterior color choices are all the same. Where it gets different though is in the interior. Actual leather seats are available on this trim. You can choose between 4 different color choices: Jet Black, Sahara Beige with Black accents, Maple Sugar with Black Accents, or Sedona Sauvage with Black accents. However the last one requires the $11k Platinum Package. More on that in a bit.

The Premium Luxury trim gets quite a few different option packages that makes the price jump a bit depending on what you select:


Parking Package $2090: A suite of parking aids like a Surround Vision recorder, rear pedestrian alert, parking assist etc as well a power tilt and telescoping wheel (don’t know why this isn’t standard) and heated mirrors

Driver Assistance & Advanced Security Package $1950: Less a suite of driving aids and more security. It includes things that should be standard like a locking fuel door, locking steering column, theft deterrent alarm system, vehicle inclination and interior movement system. Weirdly this package also includes Magnesium paddle shifters.


Navigation & Bose Premium Audio Package $1350: Upgrades CUE with Nav, as well as an 8” Driver Information Center display and the 15 speaker premium audio system.

Driver Awareness Plus Package $1300: Includes features that should be included with the Driver Assistance package like lane keep assist and lane departure warning.


Climate Package $1090: Equips the CT5 with heated and ventilated front seats as wheel as heated power steering wheel.

Lighting Package $600: Comes with cornering lamps, illuminated front sill plates and on the Sport and V Series, illuminated door handles.


Platinum Package $8330: The ultimate package. Pretty much a luxury package and a combo of all the other packages.

I added the Platinum Package as its the easy way to go to get everything. Exterior options on the Premium Luxury are the same accessories wise. The difference is in the wheels. In addition to the standard 18" alloy wheel, there is a 18" 10 spoke design for $600, and a 19" 15 spoke diamond cut alloy for $1100. I added this wheel. You can also get 18" all season run flat tires for $100. Other than that, all in, a CT5 Premium Luxury with is $54,370. Keep in mind this price is also with RWD and the turbo 4. With AWD and the 4 its $56,370. $57,870 with V6 RWD; and pretty much $60k with V6 and AWD ($59,870).


The next trim up is the Sport. Starting at $49,690 you can only get it with the turbo 4. What makes it sport you ask? Well it comes with the usual plethora of Sport Black colored grill, unique front and rear fascias, Brembo Brakes etc. It also includes 18 way adjustable front sport seats. Interior and exterior colors though aren’t really uniquely sporty and are the same as the other trims for most part. You do get to choose a unique Blue or Red exterior for $625 each. However on this trim leatherette seating in Black is standard, and for some reason choosing Jet Black or Whisper beige leather seats for $1500 requires adding on the Climate Package. This trim only has 2 wheel options. Both 19” $600 wheels, I choose an alloy wheel in a Black graphite finish. You can also choose between Red or Blue brake calipers for $595 each. I choose Blue.


All in, a CT5 sport is $56,465; $57,870 with AWD. Weirdly, selecting AWD on the Sport only lets you have a Black leatherette interior and I couldn’t see or understand why.


The final trim and top of the CT5 trim mountain is the V-Sport. Starting at $50,690, its only available with the twin turbo V6. The main things that make it a V Sport are the fact that it comes with Magnetic Ride control with performance tuned suspension, electronic limited slip diff, and “performance traction management” ( I don’t know if that’s a fancy way to say launch control or what). Weirdly, and I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but seat color choices are just limited to Black leatherette seating with AWD like before, but selecting the Platinum package will equip it with leather seating. Exterior color choices are the same as the other trims as well as accessories and wheels. All in, a CT5 V Sport is $63,020; $65,020.

The CT5 looks to be competitive on paper, but its price is high compared to competitors that offer more than just features but actual driving enjoyment, and its options are weird. Not to mention that the CTS/ATS weren’t exactly flying off dealer lots. So replacing 2 slow selling vehicles with 2 other similar vehicles is a head scratcher for me. We will just have to wait and see if the CT5 has what it takes to get luxury buyers to take a look at the brand outside of the Escalade/XT5.

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