The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 starts at $72,900

The configuiator is live finally. What looks to be the most powerful Mustang in history, and most likely the most pricey, the GT500 is going to do battle with Hellcats and ZL1's.


In pony car fashion, there are 11 exterior colors for the GT500, which for the most part are varying hues of blues, reds and grays. All save for 2 are no cost options. Rapid Red is $395 and Twister Orange is $495. You can get a black painted roof for $695 on the brighter colors. There are 3 tape stripe colors: black, white and blue. All are $375 and only run along the sides of the car. Racing stripes are way more pricey. There are 6 in actuality but all are only in blue, white or black. The difference.... I actually couldn’t find the difference. Which tells me it must be the material they are made out of. The standard strips are $1,000 a piece. The others? A whopping $10k a piece and I couldn’t see why. I choose Twister Orange with the standard tape and racing stripes.

Image: Auto Guide

Now of course, the centerpiece of this masterpiece is the 5.2 liter cross plane crank supercharged V8 with a monstrous 760 horses and 625 lb/ft of torque. That power gets routed to the rear wheels via a 7 speed rotary controlled DCT. Keep in mind that’s also the only trans option.


The GT500 is pretty loaded as it should be, so there are no equipment packages per se outside of the standard equipment group 950A. There are 2 equipment packages however, one for the exterior and one for the interior.

The exterior package is called Carbon Fiber Track Package. For $18,500 it includes:

  • 20-inch exposed carbon-fiber wheels
  • •Michelin® Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires – Front - 305/30 R 20, Rear - 315/30 R 20
  • •Rear seat delete
  • •Exposed carbon fiber instrument panel
  • •Exposed carbon fiber GT4 track wing
  • •Adjustable strut top mounts*
  • •RECARO® leather-trimmed seats
  • •Splitter wickers
  • •Wheel locking kit

I added this as it should make this thing into a monster on the track. The second and smaller of the exterior packages is a $1,500 handling package that consists of a Gurney flap and splitter wickers. They make a note that both of these are placed into the vehicle for installation after delivery. Also take note that this packaged cant be selected if the Carbon Fiber package is selected.

There is only one package for the interior. For $3k its a Technology Package and comes with what your would expect:

  • •B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen, featuring 12 speakers, including in-trunk subwoofer, CD player and HD Radio™ Technology
  • •BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert
  • •Heated exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals and Cobra® LED door-projector courtesy puddle lamps
  • •Voice-Activated touchscreen Navigation System with pinch-to-zoom capability and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link®
  • •Six-way driver’s seat with three (3) memory settings

This is pretty much a direct opposite of the track package if you want to make your GT500 more livable on a daily basis. Weirdly I was able to select this with the Carbon Fiber package. I assumed that with the Carbon packs focus on performance, especially considering it deletes the rear seat for weight savings, that something like this would conflict with it. It kind of doesn’t make sense that you can select a package that adds more weight with one that takes some away. But anyway...


There are 2 wheel options. The standard wheel is an exposed Carbon Fiber 20" wheel. The optional wheel is also 20" but its a high gloss aluminium wheel. This wheel cant be selected if you have the Carbon Track pack. All the other exterior stand alone options are wheel locks and 3 different colors of car covers in blue black or gray. All are $395. I also applaud Ford for making remote start standard while other makers are still charging for it.


Inside, many of the features included in the option packages, like the sound system, nav, etc are listed as stand alone options. But in typical confusing and weird Ford fashion, they really cant be selected alone, as doing so will just prompt you to select the appropriate option package. There are 2 seat options you can choose between either a standard leather trimmed sport seat, or Recaros that come with the track package. The standard sport seats have the option of coming with Miko inserts.


All in though, outside of the GT, you’re looking at one of the most expensive cars Ford has ever made, and the most expensive Mustang ever. You’re looking at what amounts to be a 6 figure Mustang. As configured here, I priced it out to $96,990. That’s crazy. Adding those expensive ass racing stripes? $10k added on for $105,990. That’s insane. However sadly expect to see these things in the hands of old men and collectors who will only rev them at C&C. Sadly the only time we will probably see this thing on a track is on some car show on Youtube or when its being tested at the hands of auto journalists.

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