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The 2020 Kia Soul starts at $17,490

This time around it looks more grown up, handsome, and techy, if that makes sense. Kia gave it way more options and trims as well so it can appeal to a vast majority of buyers. From people just wanting a handsome commuter, to people wanting a faux crossover, to someone wanting a hot hatch that isn’t German or Japanese, there’s something for everyone. Here’s the pricing.

There are a total of 6 trim levels this time around, with actual names, no + or !: base LX, popular S, crossover inspired X-Line, EX, all show no go GT-Line, and top of the line but weirdly named GT-Line Turbo. Also keep in mind that all models save for the GT-Line Turbo, share the same 2.0 I4 with 147 horses. Only the GT-Line Turbo gets the option of the 1.6 turbo with 201 horses.


The base LX starts at the aforementioned $17,490. And like I’ve mentioned before, with this being Kia, it comes with standard features others charge more for:

  • 2.0L I4 MPI Engine w/ 147 hp
  • UVO play w/ 7.0" Color Touch-Screen, Android Auto™, and Apple CarPlay®
  • Rear-Camera Display
  • Auto Light Control

6 speed manual is standard. This trim also as the option of an auto trans for $1,500, which is really just a cvt. I added this, because honestly, with SoCal traffic, manuals can suck in heavy traffic.


Something weird happened with this build though. When I first did it, there were 7 exterior color choices available for the base LX which I found impressive. Checking again as of this writing, there are only 3: gray, white and black. White and Black are both $345 options. But the other color choices (that aren’t available) are:

  • Solar Yellow
  • Mars Orange
  • Inferno Red
  • Sparkling Silver
  • Gravity Gray
  • Snow White Pearl ($345 option)
  • Cherry Black ($345 option)

I choose Cherry Black, which added $345 bucks. There is only one interior color option as well. Black.


There are no options or option packages for this trim save for the 12 accessories that can be equipped, ranging from puddle lights, remote start, to a interior lighting kit. I added both of the interior lighting and remote start for $325 and $425 respectively. All in, a base Soul LX will set you back $21,080 with the options selected. You should be able to get it just under $20 grand with no options. Not bad.


The next trim level up is S. Starting at $20,290, it comes standard with:

  • 16-Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Tricot Cloth Seat Trim
  • Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA)
  • Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

It comes with the same exterior and interior color choices on this model along with the same accessories choices. With the same choices selected, the Soul S rings in at $22,380.


The next trim level is the interestingly trimmed X-Line. It attempts to paint the Soul as some sort of small crossover with bigger wheels and black body trim that makes it have the appearance of a raised ride height. Starting at $21,490, it comes equipped with:

  • 18-Inch Alloy X-Line Exclusive wheels
  • Exterior Body Kit (Unique to X-Line)
  • Leather-Wrapped D Shape Steering Wheel and Leather-Wrapped Gearshift Knob
  • Roof Rails

This trim has the same Yellow, Red, Gray and White exterior colors as the other 2 trims, but it sees the availability of 3 X-Line specific colors: Undercover Green, which is like a Forest Green, Mars Orange/Cherry Black which is a Mars Orange Body with Cherry Black trim, and Neptune Blue/Cherry Black which is the same as the former. Both of these are $345 options. I choose the Undercover Green because I think it’s handsome. interior wise, no matter what color you choose, the only interior color is Black cloth.


And as the 2 trims before it, there are no option packages. With the same accessories and the same ones selected as before (remote start and interior lighting kit) a Soul X-Line rings in the register at $23,235. Pretty good price for a trim with crossover like features.


The next trim level up is the EX trim, starting at $22,690. From what I’ve seen with Kia, the EX trim comes standard with popular features that would otherwise be options on competitors. On the Soul that same applies. It comes standard with:

  • 17-Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Push Button Start with Smart Key
  • 10-Way Power-Adjustable Driver’s Seat, including 2-Way Power Lumbar Support and Heated Front Seats
  • Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control Air Conditioning

There are a whopping 11 total exterior color choices at this trim, which is pretty crazy considering that Kia’s own $60,000 K900 only comes with 4. In addition to the colors on the LX and S, you can also get Undercover Green on the EX, along with 3 other colors not available on the trims below it: Platinum Gold ($395) which should appeal to the senior buyers, Platinum Gold/Clear White which trims which pretty much gives the car bright work ($345) and Gravity Gray/Platinum Gold which is Gray with Platinum Gold roof and mirrors. I choose the Cherry Black of course.


Inside this trim sees the availability of leather seating….well leathertte seating. In one color too: Black with cloth inserts. And that’s in addition to the standard black and gray cloth seating

The EX also sees the option of a package called the EX Designer Package. For $1,500 it comes with:

  • 18" EX Designer Collection Exclusive Alloy Wheels
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Positioning Lights
  • LED Tail Lights
  • LED Front Fog Lights
  • 2 Tone Roof Treatment
  • SOFINO Leatherette and Cloth Seat Trim

This is where it gets tricky. It should be mentioned that this package can only be selected with certain colors or selecting certain colors automatically chooses the leathette seating, which requires the option package. For example, Neptune Blue can be selected as a color, but the only interior seating choice for this color is the leathette seating, which in turn requires the EX Designer Package. Pretty much you cant choose Neptune Blue without the Designer Package. Confusing I know. I choose Cherry Black with the Designer Package as well.


With just the interior lighting kit selected this time around, a Soul EX will set you back $25,855. Kinda creeping up there.. 


The next trim is the go fast looks trimmed GT-Line, which from the name of it, has something to do with Kia not wanting a full blown performance division, but a all show no go trim line in the same vein as Hyundai’s N-Line, Audi S Line etc. The weird thing about this trim is that even though its position in the trim hierarchy positions it above the EX but below the GT-Line Turbo, its starting price is actually cheaper than the Turbo, EX and X-Line trims. As a matter of fact, it has the same starting price as the S trim, $20,290. Why that is I have no idea. It comes standard with:

  • 18-Inch Alloy GT-Line Exclusive Wheels
  • Leather-Wrapped D Shape Steering Wheel and Leather-Wrapped Gearshift Knob
  • Unique Exterior Appearance with Front Bumper and Side Sills with Red Accents
  • “GT-Line” Badge on Tailgate

Exterior color choices total out to 8, which include the Red, Gray, Blue, White and Black that are available on the other trims. The GT-Line trim has 3 specific 2 tone color choices: Clear White/Inferno Red which is a white body with red roof and mirrors; Inferno Red/Cherry Black which is a red body with black roof and mirrors and Cherry Black/Inferno Red which is the reverse of the former colors. I choose this one. These 2 tone colors are also all $395 options. No leatherette is available on this trim either. You can have any color as long as its Black cloth, as thats the sole option.


This trim has one option package available. For $1,900 you can choose the GT-Line Sunroof package. It includes:

  • Power Sunroof w/ Manual Sunshade
  • Push-Button Start/Stop w/ Smart Key
  • Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Dual Level Cargo Board Plus Cargo Cover
  • Wireless Charger

I added this package, although I would be willing to pay extra if it came with a pano roof instead of a sunroof. All in, with the same interior lighting and remote start accessories selected, a GT-Line trim is $22,380. Not bad considering how it looks and how its equipped.


The final trim is the weirdly named GT-Line Turbo. Starting at $27,490, the main difference on this trim is the engine. The Turbo is powered by a 1.6 turbo I4 with 201 horses mated to a 7 speed DCT. It also comes standard with:

  • UVO link with Navigation, 10.25" Color Touch-Screen
  • Harman/Kardon® Audio System with Center Speaker, Subwoofer, and External Amplifier
  • Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

The Turbo only gets 5 exterior color choices: red, blue, gray, white and black. You also only get one interior color choice. It comes with black leathertte seating with red stitching. As on the other trims, white and black are both $345 options.


With the same options selected of interior lighting kit (the remote start isn’t available I assume due to the smart cruise) a Soul GT-Trim Turbo will set you back $28,810. With a 720 credit score, $2000 down at a 2.9% APR, that’s $440/month for 66 months. That’s a lot for what this is, especially when the Hyundai Veloster N and GTi exists, with more power for the same money. The only thing the Soul has over them is slightly more room. Other than that the Soul looks to be even more attractive this time around. And with the availability of options and colors, there looks to be a Soul for everyone.

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