All new for the model year, Porsche is jumping on the bandwagon the Germans created by joining in with the GLC and GLE coupes and Audi Q8 by cutting into headroom and cargo room, the 2 very thing that makes crossovers appealing, and creating a faux coupe with a raked roofline. It looks good, but it’s still weird. Here’s the price breakdown.


There are 2 models to choose from. The first is the base Cayenne Coupe starting at the aforementioned $76,550. Powered by a turbocharged V6, it puts out 335 horses and 332 lb/ft of torque to an awd system, which is the standard drive wheels. An 8 speed Tiptronic transmission is standard. Porsche estimates a 5.7 0-60 time and a 150 mph top speed.

There are 10 exterior color choices to choose from: 2 standard colors (white and black); 6 metallic colors which are all $800; and 2 special colors, each an insane $3,150. I added one of these special colors, Lava Orange, the color the vehicle debuted in to the car.

With this being Porsche, we all know it’s going to have a myriad number of options. There are 15 different wheel options spanning a number of different designs. They range from 20’-22’ inches and range in price from $600-$5,510.


Interior leather color choices are plentiful as well. There are 11 different leather choices as well. 4 are standard partial leather choices. 3 of these are no cost. One, a Black/Mojave beige combo, is a $390 option. There are 6 full leather color choices. 3 of these are $3,750, the other 3 are $4,180 options. The last seating option is what is described as Club Leather. Colored in whats described as Truffle Brown, its a $5,170 option. Of course, again, with this being Porsche there are caveats to choosing some of the seats. Choosing Black and Silver leather interior for instance, requires adding $8,930 in other options. Crazy. I just added standard black full leather seats for $3,750.

The number of options Porsche has will never cease to amaze me. There’s even an offroad package and a lightweight package for this thing. Even rear steering. Suffice to say, things get pricey fast. I optioned my example up to $139,800.


The Turbo Model is even pricer. It starts at $131,350. Powered by a twin turbo V8 putting out 541 horses and 568lb/ft of torque. Porsche estimates a 3.7 0-60 time and a insane for something this big 177 mph top speed. I optioned my up to just under $177 grand. It might be best to wait around 10 or so years for these things to show up used before picking them up.

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