The 2020 Toyota Camry TRD starts at $31,995 and shows the TRD models don't make sense

CarsDirect has, through a leaked dealer order guide, pricing for the Camry TRD, an answer to a question no one asked. Turns out, the Camry TRD will be the cheapest and most sporty way to get that sweet 301 horse V6 in a Camry. Here’s where the not make sense part comes in.


According to the site and the guide, the Camry TRD will undercut the Camry XSE by $4k (The Camry XSE V6 starts at $35,805). And price wise, the article states that with the starting price of the TRD, it can most be closely compared to the Camry SE, which can only be had with an I4. The TRD trim adds: “track-tuned enhancements like bigger brakes and a suspension setup that lowers the car 0.6 inches. The car also gets a unique aerodynamic kit designed by the company’s Calty design studio. A TRD exhaust, matte black wheels, red badging, and painted red brake calipers complete the look”. Yea whatever. What the TRD amounts to is nothing more than a Camry SE with go fast parts and a V6.

It all gets even more senseless when you consider that the Avalon TRD is being priced $4k higher than the Camry XSE. Keep in mind that both TRD models and the Camry XSE V6 all share the same 301 horse V6. The TRD trims add nothing power wise.

Will people bite? It remains to be seen. Toyota gave us 2 “performance” models no one asked for, and then have both of them share the same engine with no power upgrades. All the while, like I mentioned before, not giving us actual performance models, like a Corolla hot hatch or hell even a TRD tuned GT86. Both of these models though should be pretty good used buys in a few years.

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