you can get fine examples of all these cars for around $30,000, so if you needed to buy one, right now, which would it be?

Porsche 911


Any early, air cooled car in great condition could set you back about $20,000-$30,000 (but for the sake of argument they are all $30,000 on this list) I choose the Carrera 3.2 myself, or the 930 turbo for the widebody and the infamous turbo lag!

But that classic shape is so beautiful in wide body form, but some just cant unsee the beetle in every one,but in my opinion, this is a gorgeous car

Ferrari 308:


Another classic shape, but this one is a lot more pure. This is the narrow body car, and its still amazing, those fenders are bulbous and sexy, and the wedge shape is very classic, but somehow never tooooo dated.

Forget Magnum, forget mustaches, forget that a V6 Camry will walk it and just look at the shape and realize that its a relatively cheap car that you can also modify if the lack of power gets you. But honestly, go on youtube now and look up videos of how this car sings. NOW!!


Jaguar E type:


$30,000 is a stretch, but not at all unreasonable, so simply go along with it.

This is timeless.

The other 2 offer something special in their own ways, and this is no different. A very beautiful car (if a little phallic) and you can get it in I6 or V12 variants. Not much can be said for this car that hasn't been said before so ill just leave you to your drooling/looking on craigslist out of disbelief and/or trying to prove me wrong


Lamborghini Jalpa:


Ah, the poor forgotten bastard child. Ferrari build a low level car and its loved and praised, Lamborghini does it and its quickly forgotten (just wait until 2030 when nobody has any idea what a Gallardo is... or fossil fuels). But the car still packs a lot for the money. Certainly dated styling, but in typical Lamborghini fashion, quite outlandish to say the least. This was always the 308's competition, now it is yet again.

So what say you oppo, where does your money go?? V6 mustangs?

(And can you believe the C2 corvette is more money than all of these!?)