Inspired by MasterMario‚Äôs post, in which he muses on buying a brand new 50 year old car, and our ‚Äúconfigurator‚ÄĚ posts, I put to you a question: Since you can build a ‚Äė32 Ford brand new, right now (given enough money), how would you build it?

Would you build an historic variety, like the McGee highboy with a copper-head flathead and dual carbs? Would you go for a radical restomodded channeled hardtop with Mustang II IFS and an LS? More so than probably any other car, the ‚Äė32 is a blank canvas - if you‚Äôve got the money, honey, we‚Äôve got your disease.

Funny thing - unless you go completely out of your mind, it would cost you less to build one of these exactly as you’d want it than many dream cars.

Me? Money no object, I‚Äôd probably go for Ardun heads on a flathead, sectioned rear fenders mounted floating up front only, modifed leaf front suspension, ‚Äė40 Ford style rear, Lincoln front brakes, all on a Tudor sedan with the roof taken off. Lightly chopped windshield, paint it brown. Kind of a period highboy for four that‚Äôs dirt-roadable and not a phaeton... but that‚Äôs just me.