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The 4-digit Wheel Bearing

There’s a joke saying that “You can never escape the exotic car repair shop for less than $1000.”

There are exceptions but this time was not to be one of them. The mechanic grabbed my right rear wheel and said, “Hey check out this wheel.” He gave it a few good pulls.

Click. Click.

“You need a new bearing.” The sealed bearing was not user-serviceable. Replacement? Are you sitting down?


$1900. For ONE BEARING.

So that’s done. But what, you thought I was out of the woods?

“By the way, your wheel is right here. Take a look, you see those bolt sleeves? They’re cracked. Buy five of them...”


A UK company named Hill Engineering makes superior aluminium replacement sleeves at $11 each. That’s another $55.


“...no, wait, the other wheels are probably bad too. Buy twenty.”

Are we done yet?

This afternoon, I visited the shop again. The owner was absent, but a tech had just put on the new bearing which had arrived from Ferrari NA.


“Hey is this your car? I just found this, it looks kinda bad.”


Parking brake shoe, $60 per half-disc. The shop owner arrives.

“Oh, the parking brake. So—you want to replace just this side? Or.......the other side too?”



Another $240.

I just want to drive.

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