The 428i Convertible Turo Review

Its no Miata but its good.

I went here and it did great. I really need to head to the mountains more.


Quiet until 3k rpm, then it sounds good. Not the most power but it felt torquey. Steering seemed heavy just for sake of it, I was in sport mode though. I know the convertible adds a ton of weight but the car seemed stiff, so at least there is that. It did everything I asked of it and was pretty damn enjoyable.

The 8 speed auto is quick, surprisingly so after being in old autos. A manual would have been nice though. Towards the end of the drive I ended up leaving it in auto. Floor it and tap twice, tap twice while deceleration, repeat 100 times. Didn’t think it would get repetitive to me, but it did.

Thing kills it on the highway, big inside (and out), super comfortable. I get why these are the best all around cars.


As for as Turo goes, all good so far. Getting the car at the airport was the easiest. Only negatives are the warped rotors (on a 70k mile car) and no heated leather seats, come on BMW that should be standard. Ended up being roughly $70 a day with taxes and insurance, which I think is a good deal for a good car.


Sidenote - Actually surprising how close it is to my old SC400 regarding specs, roughly $50k, 250hp and 4klbs.

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