The 50+ MPG Experiment

Yesterday, I made a post stating that the results I got back on my Honda 919 averaged 56.9 MPG (normally, a niner would hover between 40-45 MPG) and weirdly, I thought it wasn't good enough. However, what I did - in hot weather - was a test to see if there were methods to reduce fuel consumption... And it's also something I refuse to try again.

First, I wanted to see if there's a meager difference if I just coast to a stop with the clutch lever squeezed in/shifted into neutral and all I got back was a promising but not high 46.4 MPG.

The next involved something that required a lot of strategic theory - shutting the engine off whilst coasting with clutch lever squeezed in. Of course, this is only done when I know I will be stopped for longer than 30 seconds - also giving the engine some time to cool down. Combined with the strategy of cruising at the speed limit, what you saw yesterday was what I got. However, I will not be repeating this experiment again in hot weather.


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