Since we are in a somewhat unique geographical position up here, and I am hoping for a change of seasons, here I will show what all of these seasons are for you folks and how they relate to cars. Also chime in with some of your state's unique seasons. Let's begin:

Winter - AKA Salt Season

why we have so many rust issues, but it is fun while you can hoon in the snow

Mud Season


slots between winter and spring, when everything is melting. There are roads that close during this season. Also often times you see ads for cheap 4x4's on craigslist for "Make a good woods or mud rig". That means it is good for this season



this is the best time to drive in the state. Roads are clear of people From Awayand the weather is nice, mostly

Tourist - AKA Summer AKA Asshole Cyclist Season



Yup, self explanatory. Even on the backroads you get all of this joy. Most of Portland that lives there hides out during the peak of it and waits for people to go back home to CT, MA, RI, and NY. Smell you later. Also watch out for <—- these people (kinja is screwing with my format in this table btw)


Black Fly Season


Every insect known to man comes out or is on vacation here during this season. The black flies are the worst, mosquitos are a close second. Horseflies can bite me, uhhhh wait...

Fall - AKA Leaf Peeper Season


While a fantastic time to go riding or driving, you need to watch out yet again for people that come up from states that also have foliage, because they cannot wait for the slow demise of warmth or something back into Salt Season. It is gorgeous but god damn just let us enjoy it. Miata pic for the people