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Really? That much for a seriously half-assed, fried Lamborghini? And it’s not like it can easily be reverted back to stock because of the (alleged) internal engine modifications, which I assume are partially to lower the compression ratio and make it more boost-friendly (and strengthen it as well).


Looking at this rolling disaster makes me think that even if I had the money for some crazy car modifications I wouldn’t necessarily want to do them, assuming that this level of ‘workmanship’ is par for the course. Looking at this and then looking at something like Project Binky tells me that there are a wide range of tuners/fabricators out there. Like anything, I guess it’s a matter of looking at past work and talking to customers and not just believing a bunch of hype when wild figures (good for 1,600 HP!) are tossed around. It’ll be the best, the most glorious, unlike anything that’s been seen before - trust me! Yeah, uh huh, sure thing buddy.

This series will make for an interesting tale, that’s for sure...

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