People make me laugh. I know opinions are individual, but I don’t understand enthusiast sometimes. It’s been a few days since the new 7 series was unveiled and it seems everyone and their little brother has commented on it. “It’s boring”, “WHERE’S My E38”, “It looks like a 3 series”. Oh cmon guys what did you expect ? BMW is still on the same path they were on since 2003. This is the better 7 series since the E38, of course I’m speaking from my opinion. When did the 7 series not look like a large 3 series. BMW has been doing that since the 80’s. Were they more aggressive to the point you ignored it, yes. I like the E38, but I like the new one to0.

Look at this, for all of you saying this will be surpassed by the CT6, keep dreaming. BMW knows who will buy this car, they also know where it will be driven and who is driving it. This car wins simply by offering me a V8. I love a good V6, but not in a car the size of Kansas. One good Twin Turbo 4.4 Liter V8, Cadillacs Dual Turbo V6 can take a seat now. A for effort, but unless you’ve driven an S Class or 7 series you wouldn’t understand. I’ve driven an E38 as well as an S500. I can promise you that unless GM introduces a CT6-V or an equivalent they might as well take a seat. Based off of looks is not as bad to look at as the CT6.

The CT6 operates on the same formula the Germans have been using since before I was even born, Small, medium, Large. Cut, Copy, Paste, Stretch. The CT6 in itself is crisper in design and looks more American, but compared to cadillacs lineup it doesn’t stand out as anything special. I can see people accidently looking at CTS’s when their intent was to look at that German killer everyone is raving about.


I know where I want to be if I’m paying close to seventy large for a sedan. and it’s not in the backseat of a stretched CTS.Of course, this is all my own personal opinion.