The $800 Camaro rundown.

Well it’s a $1000 Camaro now that it’s registered into 2019 and in my name. Here are all the issues.


Mechanical problems: Something in the Left front is noisy on the dirt road, probably a balljoint.

The car runs hot, I saw the gauge climb 80% of the way up before cycling back down. This is partly due to the fact that the fans dont turn on for some reason, and possibly a thermostat issue. Ill replace the ect sensor(controls the fans) and the thermostat.

Cosmetics: The T-top leaks, the headliners ruined, dash is cracked, lots of little fisherprice plastic bits are missing, the CD player dosent work, the paint’s 5/10 with a little clear coat peel, and there’s some residual duct tape all over the passenger door.


All in all I’m pleased and I have something to tinker on.(the Lexus no longer needs tinkering, it needs expensive parts)

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