The '80s are back! Part 1

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I loved this watch ever since buying it at Price Club, prior to the merger with Costco, some 30 years ago. I wore it everywhere, including whilst surfing and swimming. When the battery went dead I had a friend at Target replace it, but the watch was no longer waterproof after that and died in short order.


I held on to that watch all these years, hoping to find another one. Keep in mind that this was in the days before eBay. Whilst cleaning up the other day and grouping together all of my watches, working and not, I came across this one. A quick search on eBay found a working one for $15. The bezel was a bit more beat up than my original, but the band and and crystal are in about the same condition. I can probably grab the Dremel and some Flitz and clean the crystal, and the bezel just unsnapped.

My eyesight was a tad better in my twenties, obviously, and reading the digital display is a bit of a challenge, even with progressive lenses, but I’ll adjust.

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