The 90s Trifecta

A buddy pulled the trigger on a crazy clean 95 m3, pictures are obligatory especially next to my 95 C36, and 95 S6 avant. My property makes for some really dramatic shots;


The C36 is a new toy for me as well, but the avant is still the fastest of the bunch, and possibly the better handling car if you’ll believe it (lots suspension goodies).

Currently I’m debating on thinning the pack, I’m at 6 cars total, and although my driveway is massive, 6 cars will make it feel cramped.

  • 86 Audi 4000cs Quattro
  • 95 S6 sedan (donor for the 4000cs)
  • 95 S6 Avant (my baby)
  • 95 Merc C36 AMG (current daily)
  • 03 Toyota Camry (wife’s beater)
  • 07 Lexus GS350 (our nice car)

The 4000CS project is one I havent even started, but the S6 sedan runs, so its just a matter of pulling the motor and harness and scrapping the body, after that who knows how long till its in the 4000CS and running again. Winter is coming, and the garage is still a mess from moving in. And on top of all that I still have to teach my self how to rewire the CNC machine so its not just a massive paper weight.


I’m planning on sending heat and plumbing to the garage, this way I can comfortably work through the winter, but that needs to get done before the end of November or its not going to happen till the spring.

I really want an SUV, but that’s not going to happen unless I either consolidate, or sell some stuff off. I’d prefer to keep all my toys.

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