(Originally posted at the wrong time) Yeah...Working 8-4 every day does not allow me time to Oppo much I’ve realized now; especially compounded by my habit of passing out or working on the car as soon as I get home. But Tuesday marked the car’s first time on public roads under it’s own power.

I can’t begin to positively describe the unreal and bizarre feeling of driving a once “dead” project car and driving it after months of hard work; though not perfect, it was amazing. A road test is a perfect way to find out how far you’ve come and what more needs to be done. From here on in I’ll list what I’ve learned.

Driver vs Passenger Side

1. As I was driving around town, A horrible groaning and grinding noise coming from the rear brought attention to me and was even worse when I came to full stops. Removing the rear calipers showed me the driver side rear brake setup is seized up causing the nails-on-chalk sound. Just gonna rebuild all four calipers.


2. A few times during driving, temps would not get to overheating levels, but certainly too hot for my liking. Further more, having repaired a smoking oil leak in the days before, smoke from the same area would come into the cabin. But unlike oil smoke that just smelled “meh”, this smoke burned my eyes, nose, and throat. It wasn’t until popping the hood later did I notice a watery substance around the engine bay...and then I remembered. One of the previous owners replaced the hose connecting the thermostat housing to the water pump with a weak rubber tube (much like one of the fuel pump hoses I discovered last year) and it slightly ruptured, causing fluctuations in the engine temps and spitting coolant. This will be another messy but easy fix.

3. My running and reverse lights are intermittently working. Electrical magic and spells should fix that. I don’t enjoy electrical problems but this has to be done for safety.


4. The horn came to life on its own. After being unable to get it to work, it just decided to come alive as I was turning into my neighborhood on the return trip. I’m not complaining or even questioning it, that’s one less thing to fix.


There are some smaller things to fix as well, but these are the main things to end up with a car that’ll continue to improve. Also tried Heineken for the first time. Not that bad IMO.

So that’s what’s going on as of late.