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The A/C is still alive and well in the Sunbird.

It was 82° here yesterday, and on a whim, I drove the Sunbird to work. Tried the A/C (nervously, I might add), just for the heck of it.

Voila! Works fine. It’s very cold. But, it makes the car even louder and slower than it already is in the first place.


The son of the original owner paid to have the entire system rebuilt and converted to R134a in September 2017. Lucky me!

Someone in my Mazda club asked if this car has enough power to get out of its own way. I said “No. but I still love it.” I honestly don’t understand my infatuation with an old J-body, but oh well.

My wife drove it last night and said “Cars have come a LONG way in thirty years.” I was amused and insulted at the same time.

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