First, I’m gonna apologize for taking this pic. Don’t use your phone while driving. I can hit my volume down twice and it’ll open my camera. I didn’t look at my phone the whole time it was out to take this.

But... Come on. This madman first took his B on the highway, but then had the stones to drive it IN THE LEFT LANE. IN TRAFFIC. This was about 4:15 PM today on I-77, about ten minutes before traffic hits hard and, coincidentally, ten minutes before a huge downpour began.

Driving alongside him, we passed a Miata. Miatas are small, and this NC dwarfed him. I’ve been up close with an MGB, but holy cow, it really puts it into perspective how tiny these things are when every tenth car we pass is a lifted F-250 or a Suburban. The experience made my 90 hp Golf feel sporty, though.