About a year ago, I told you all of the story of the AC2cycle, a mini electric dirt bike I bought and rebuilt for about $80, or $140 less than retail

Today, I found my next project: the best version of the razor dirt bike, the MX500. The difference between my old MX350 and my new MX500 is as follows:

1. 36V Motor (upgrade from 24V)

2. 4 12V batteries (upgrade from 2 12V)

3. Much larger size

4. Better suspension

5. This one was found curbside! It was free!


The not so different part is that it also has no batteries, front tube, or charger, just like my 350 didn’t. So, look forward to seeing me do a build like my previous one. I might even mod it more.


P.S: If you’re wondering why the 350’s KTM orange looks so horrible: I had painted it without sanding and had at least 5 Dirt Biking accidents. I’ll do better by the 500, though.

Edit: I meant to post this at 12pm not am. Forgive me mods for the repost