The Accord has spawned a new nuisance

Stock picture, because this POS doesn’t deserve to have it’s picture taken. Whenever it gets “cold” (below 60F) the driver side door likes to shock you when you close it. Other than that the Accord has handled the freezing temperatures well. Which is good, because if it breaks when it’s this cold, I’m not fixing it in this weather. I’ll just walk and bum rides from people. It may seem counter intuitive to spend more time in the cold walking than taking the hour or so to fix the car, but you see it’s the principle of the matter.

Idk what that’s suppose to mean, but I’ve had too much whiskey and vodka to care. Also at this point I’ve had three days off of school because of the small amounts of ice. And it wasn’t far enough into the semester to have stuff to catch up on so I’ve just been playing a shit ton of rainbow six siege the past few days, drinking, and chainsmoking.

So what have you been up to Oppo?


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