The accuracy of Mr. Regular

It’s Thursday, which is basically Friday, so waste some time re-watching RCR and arguing.

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Most of us are familiar and watch Regular Car Reviews. Mr. Regular has a poop joke laden style that can cut to the essence of a car’s place in society. But which review is the most accurate?

I submit two reviews, the Triumph Daytona 675 and the Ferrari 360. I personally have a 675, very close to the one in the review. Everything he says is spot on. I’ve watched the Ferrari review many times and the segment about a person asking what do you do has always struck me. I think that one minute diatribe is probably his most accurate portrayal of a car within society. I think the Daytona, overall, is more accurate.


What does Oppo think? What review do you think is the most accurate and why?

For a bonus, here are the two S2000 reviews. The line about making Miata drivers shut up for five minutes gets me everytime.

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