If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

the ad has the phrase "lost cause"

It is rough but I am sure someone could bring it back from the dead. It has a few issues.

1. No title. It has a New Mexico Plate last tagged in 1984.

2. No VIN plate. ( VIN can be found on the frame)

3. No hood, radiator or grill, tailgate, outer fenders windshield, The PO decorated his garage with all of the good stuff.

4. Big hole in the engine block. (see pic, good carnage)

5. I need to keep the wheels and tires. The PO wants them back.

6. The tub appears to be a lost cause. lots of rust, holes.

This is basically a frame, axles, trans, tranfer case and suspension.

<<<<<<<<<<<< BRING A TRAILER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


lol, A FEW ISSUES!!!

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