Quite literally, advertizing, at least in this country, has become a lot better.

Notice the Spanglish?

There was a mediatic revolution around 2010? (ish). Through my mind, I always remeber these ads from Telmex as the breaking point... Where Mexican media was finally ready to make huge investments in improved graphics. In that particular case using CGI to sync the dog’s mouth (a year earlier everyone was losing their mind about it in the Disney Film Beverly Hills Chihuahua). Right now the same agencies that brought this revolution are fending off another one... in the form of MeToo, which struck the Mexican mediatic industry hard this past month, as Twitter accounts have spread anonymous -and revolting- allegations about men in advertizing, music, television, film, and even print media...Which somehow still exists?


It may seem like I talk, obsessively, about Mexico. It’s just in the hope that when I write shit about this country (good, bad, strange) it’s noticed as a way to see what happens ‘here.’ I know that in many cases its not that bad, or good, or strange, but I feel like it can help explain my part of the world to people in other parts.

To misquote Todd Chavez “It’s proof we exist.”