The age of the Cheap AE86 is dead.

Good Morning Oppo! This is TGWD here, AW11 owner, Ranger Driver and Perpetually angry student!

After a small sabbatical involving both my vehicles breaking, Clinical and school hours, an ever decreasing bank account and crappy weather, I am back at work and here to tell you about some recent happenings,

Namely, the lost of the “Affordable” AE86.

We all know the mystique behind the car, We all know it is a sutible platform and generally it is cool. We’ve heard of stories of people buying the old lovable cars for next to nothing or someone getting into being an enthusiast by their parents corolla and the story of some paying a reasonable price to have a “AE86”

I am here to tell you, That age has long since come and passed, Please bear with me as I try to organize my thoughts. The lack of caffeine on my addicted brain is making it hard to have a smooth delivery of words to my fingertips.

So, This past weekend, I was chatting with a fellow 4AGE fanatic/ AE86 owner about different ideas when he told me about a corolla sitting in his fathers yard.

DB: I got a AE86 Shell you might be interested since you are selling the MR2


Me: I’m kinda tapped and trying to save up, But what the hell, Why not offset a smart decision with a bad one. Whats the deal with it?

DB: “Yeah, I still have a friends shell sitting in my yard, it is a roller, But he put a Celica rear end on the car and he wants what he has into it, Dad is tired of it sitting in his yard and my friend does not have the storage place”

Me: “Oh? What is it, Coupe or hatch? SR5?

DB: It’s a SR5 coupe, It is stripped out and has rust on the rockers., It is pretty rusty elsewhere But it could be something decent, we were gonna throw a cage in it a just make it into a Drift missile project. I got most of the parts for a GTS conversion and a few 7AFE’s if you want to throw in a cheap motor or build up a 7AGE.

Idea’s began floating around in my head, If I can find a decent motor, even a 4AC just to get it running, I can use it as a base for a rat rod/ Autocross/ Rallycross car. Visions of an oil cooler mounted alongside a cheapo intercooler on a cracked front bumper, Black primer paint covering the decrepit body and rust holes sloppily, the Junkyard 7AGTE running rich out of the crudely welded blast pipes out the back. Mismached seats from an AW11 mounted in the cabin and an 8 ball shifter.

Yeah, I could just see the tickets and the tow bills.

Me: I like the sound of that how much is he asking?

DB: Make an offer


I thought about it for a few minutes and sent back a price, 300 for everything. I wasn’t sure what was the going price for a shell, a celica rear end or a a cup a coffee at starbucks. My spending was slashed back to Food, Repairs and tuition. I figured it may be low since it is a “Ae86” but at the end of the day, it is a shell, A rusty shell at that. A reply from DB stating his friend would take 300 without the rear end and 500 with the rear axle. I pondered on it and decided at the moment i’ll just take the shell and see about finding a 8.8 to throw up under the car.

DB: You sure you just want the shell?

Me: Yeah, I think I’ll find an old ford 8.8 rear end for it, The last 8.8 I had I paid 75 bucks for, of course, I had to swap out gears and all that pain in the ass stuff.

DB: He may take 400 for everything, Let me ask.

DB: 400? everything would be yours.

Anticipation welled within me,I was excited. I have a chance to own a corolla. Something that 13-15 year olds to this day want because of the show and all the crap with it. Sure it is an old rusty coupe, But it can be something fun. it will be interesting to see the difference between this coupe and my AW11.

A couple days go by and I am working on my truck after my water pump quit on me while pulling into the driveway, I get a text

DB: 400 just for the shell, he is keeping the rear end.

Me: WTF, I thought 400 for everything since it was 300 for the shell and 500 witht he rear end?


DB: No, that was just for the shell, He wants 500 For the rear axle. 700 for both. The rear end is good for 450-500 WHP.

ME: Ok, That’s find and dandy, But still it is a stripped down shell, I just thought 400 was good middle ground that we agreed on, Hell I was getting the money up tomorrow and was gonna see when he could meet.

DB: He said no already, 400 just for shell. 500 just for the axle, or 700 for both.

Me: Alright, fine whatever, I’ll see what what is up and I’ll let you know, I reckon’.


I’ve already wrote off the car, telling DB that I am no longer interested in the coupe, The dream of <p>Team Rocket Racing &trade;<p> back on hold. A brief cruising of of Club 4ag on the book face and craigslist are showing 2500 plus for a worn SR5 coupe and 4k plus for a hatch. 1000 for a non running example that is complete otherwise.

The age of getting an AE86 for a cheap is gone, The good thing is you can still find enthusiasts in the circle and buy a good example from them, May be a little high for what it is, But still reasonable I guess if that is something you truly want. Maybe I am spoiled due t he costs of the MR2’s and what I believe is a more fun vehicle than the corrola. Plus the price of the Mk2-3 supra’s are still reasonable and the fb-fc chassis are still peanuts in comparison, At least in my immediate travel area. I am better off letting it slip and I hope that someone else enjoys it.

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